Robert Paisola – convicted sex offender, parole violator and scam artist

Robert Paisola – convicted sex offender, parole violator and scam artist

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  1. Take the time to read the Federal Court complaint against Robert Paisola. What you will see is that he is high jacking web domains. He likes to take something like Sundance and create, or When it is brought to his attention that the owners feel this is a copyright violation, he offers to sell their own name back to them or go through the process of filing a complaint.

    The Plaintiff in this case intends to continue against him to the very end even though Robert Paisola has given the name back. There are other victims that are mounting their campaign for similar actions, which will include criminal actions.

    Robert Paisola is cracking under the pressure and has taken to admitting on his own website the criminal conviction for Possession Child Pornography, though he does meander into third person references to the fact. At no time does he ever express remorse for anything he has done.

    Robert Paisola has help with his crimes. In the case of William Spain,, you will find that his ex-wife Kathryn Watkins Paisola was a realtor that left on bad terms. Her current boyfriend and father to her second child also left under questionable terms. These two provided proprietary company information to Robert Paisola so that he could mount his campaign of harassment against Provident Partners. You will not find 1 negative public record against either Provident Partners or William Spain, neither of whom I represent or have an interest in.

    It has been suggested that Katheryn Watkins Paisola be added to the suits because she was the only principle of Western Capital, which effectively would be a sole proprietor at this point.

    Robert Paisola has taken to commiserating about his lot in life with the difficulties of finding housing etc. He admits his sister Lisa is providing a roof over his head. His recently deceased step father David Tews was registered agent for one of his scam companies that are mentioned in the Federal suit.

    At what point do people distance themselves from this trash? Provide health and comfort you are aiding and abetting in his scams. The family cries out that they have all been victimized by him, even to the point of causing the divorce of his parents yet they all jump in there to assist him. Many are involved in the Impact Training scams.

    Robert Paisola is a career criminal. That is his job. He will never do anything different and is destined to go back to prison. Everyone that is assisting him needs to be brought to justice also.

  2. More interesting information. Looks like Robert Paisola is now trying to shake down an apartment complex. He mentions the names of Christopher Portman, the youngest mayor in the US. Portman is also the significant other to Katheryn Watkins Paisola and the father of her second child. Christopher Portman had a significant in the smear campaign against the aforementioned Provident Partners.

  3. Pacer has another Federal Suit against Paisola, filed 11/13/2006 by IPA who so prominently appeared on his web site but no longer does. Same allegations, Cyber Squatting. Cyber Piracy, Libel etc. Read the complaint in Pacer. Paisola is melting down. Ameriprise Financial just obtained a default judgment for $100,000.00 on 10/31/2006. Another is stepping up to hit him for another suit.

    I’m confused. Robert Paisola talks big on his site but fades when faced with strong opposition.

    There will be some confusion as to the validity of his claims against the Plaintiffs. Certainly some have adverse press on the internet but this is a discussion about Paisola and how he is attempting to shake down the American people. Guilty until proven innocent is his way yet he bemoans his circumstances at his ill treatment by society over his criminal convictions.

    For the debtors that go to Paisola they are causing themselves a grave disservice. The debt will be sold and the collection process will begin a new. Are they going to pay a criminal to extricate them from those circumstances? For anyone that puts money in his pocket or puts a roof over his head or publicly praises him, shame on you and you are equally culpable for his actions.

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